Summer is a time of many changes, especially for Military families. Not only is it PCS season, but school is out, và days are a little longer. Staying occupied during this time of year is not hard, but planning can be difficult, especially trying lớn plan fun activities with your family. One awesome way to lớn get involved as a family is through volunteering!

New beginnings, và times during summer breaks are a perfect time to volunteer. Each installation has a variety of programs that are looking for volunteers over the summer months. What are some of the benefits of including some volunteer time in your summer planning?

Make new friends – Are you new to lớn your installation? Have you been at your installation for a while, but are having trouble meeting new friends? Volunteering is a great way lớn meet new people. Volunteering will get you active sầu & if you tóm tắt your desire lớn meet other people with your installation volunteer coordinator, they can provide you with volunteer opportunities that will include working with groups of people. It is a fantastic way lớn meet new friends, và get khổng lồ know the people aboard your installation and in the surrounding community.

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Find out what"s going on in your community – Do you feel like you always hear about the fun summer events happening in your community after the sự kiện has come and gone? Volunteer to lớn get the inside scoop! Volunteering is the best way lớn stay abreast of community events & even participate khổng lồ make them a success. Planning for installation và community events starts weeks, sometimes months, ahead of time & most events are looking for people to help. Talk with your Volunteer Coordinator to lớn find out what’s happening near you and what you can bởi to support the sự kiện.

Help out the kids in your community – Do you enjoy making a difference in the life of a child? Volunteer! Your installation Youth Sports Program is always in need of coaches and volunteers khổng lồ make their sporting events successful. Volunteering khổng lồ participate gives you the benefit of taking part, but also ensures that the families aboard your installation have sầu an outstanding sports program. Volunteers really make a difference in the opportunities available for kids, so volunteer!

This các mục is just the beginning! There are many ways you can impact your local community through volunteerism, và this summer may be the perfect time to start! Not only will you benefit from volunteering, but your installation, and your community will also benefit. Reach out to lớn your installation volunteer coordinator for summer opportunities today. Don"t hesitate.

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Volunteering has an amazing ability to lớn improve the health & well-being of those on the receiving kết thúc and have sầu a positive effect on the volunteer. Studies show that there are six main areas of life that volunteering can have a positive impact.

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Whether you’re single or a geographic bachelor, the Single Marine Program (SMP) provides a place to lớn bond with other Marines while having fun and making a difference.

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