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In the first, of ten innings, he allowed but seven hits, & in the second, of seven innings, six swats were made off hyên ổn...
Outside of tennis, he excels in fly swatting, bug collecting, cooking, and can often be found in the gymnasium when not at the tennis courts.
Before he leaves she spots a poisonous spider on his arm and swats at it in spite of his warnings not to lớn provoke it.
Males locate fertile females by scent, và court them with repeated sniffing và swatting with their claws.
Birthday spankings are administered over the clothes và usually by cchiến bại friends or family members, và are generally playful swats not meant to cause real pain.
Blaông chồng bears rarely attaông xã when confronted by humans, and usually limit themselves lớn making mochồng charges, emitting blowing noises & swatting the ground with their forepaws.
To use the full weight of company law in order to regulate small private companies is to lớn use a sledgehammer to lớn swat a fly.
However, it is dangerous to swat aside the press và the press phản hồi because, after all, it is the expression of the grave sầu concerns that exist among the public.
They vainly attempt to hold off the spiders with their shoes or whatever swat-material they can find.
When a territorial dispute occurs, they vocalize, swat, and can sometimes sit on or even ride the back of their opponents.
Swat lies just 30 miles lớn the north, with the main road to that troubled valley running straight through town.

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