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There is substantial evidence from these studies that informal supporters suffer financially from extra expenditure or reduced earnings.
In this situation, a legislator may vote against her các buổi tiệc nhỏ khổng lồ signal to supporters that the party"s position is not radical enough.
The orthodox gold supporters attained a resumption of convertibility, but the voices for employment and against deflation attained a significant devaluation from the pre-war parity.
Aao ước claims và counterclaims of faulty ballots và fraudulent tallies, supporters of both camps claimed that their man had won.
If candidates are uncertain of the outcome then they need both to lớn mobilize their supporters and to appeal to lớn swing voters.
Moreover, candidates are more likely to lớn be in touch with their supporters when they have sầu an incentive to lớn cultivate a personal vote.
Increasingly, social scientists are drawing our attention khổng lồ the instrumental motives of the supporters of social insurance.
The topic prompted divergent individual responses rather than a convergent collective sầu endeavor, even among mỏi the supporters of the interests of natural science.
Second, neither supporters nor critics of the constitution thought the district would foster attachment lớn the national government.
By 1898, even the most vocal supporters of the bill conceded that the bill"s impact would be mostly symbolic.
Conservative parties make it less likely that their supporters would rely on the military to advance their interests.
A productive next step also might identify other critical behaviours that are influenced by people"s status as supporters or opponents of those in power.
The canvass allows parties lớn identify their supporters, their opponents, and also undecided voters, who might be swayed in an election.
Table 2 presents the data on the changing attitudes of supporters of the parties that remained in the coalition toward those parties which left.
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Các trường đoản cú hay được sử dụng cùng rất supporter.

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It is extremely important for the environment that we continue to lớn be a keen và active sầu supporter of greater energy efficiency.
For me, as an ardent supporter of a social market economy, my motto is: people first, the economy second.
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