spit it out

Stop stalling or stammering & just say what you want or intend to lớn say.

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Just spit it out already—bởi vì you want to go to the dance with me or not? I wish I didn"t get such a bad stutter when I"m nervous; I"d feel more confident if I could just spit it out.See also: out, spit

spit out

1. Literally, khổng lồ forcefully expel something from one"s mouth. A noun or pronoun can be used between "spit" & "out." Spit that out! Don"t you know wild mushrooms can be poisonous? Our toddler keeps spitting out his vegetables.2. To succeed in saying something, especially with difficulty. Often used in the imperative phrase "spit it out." I tried spitting an answer out, but my nervousness made me stutter too badly.

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Just spit it out already—vì you want lớn go lớn the dance with me or not?3. To say something in a very aggressive, forceful, or vitriolic manner. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "spit" and "out." The group of protestors continued to lớn spit obscenities out at us as we made our way khổng lồ the car. By the kết thúc of the debate, my opponent was reduced khổng lồ spitting out absurd, unprovable accusations.See also: out, spit

spit it out

used khổng lồ urge someone lớn say, confess, or divulge something quickly. informalSee also: out, spit

ˌspit it ˈout!

(spoken) usually used in orders to lớn tell somebody toàn thân to say something when they seem frightened or unwilling to lớn speak: What did you tell her about me? Come on, spit it out!See also: spit

Spit it out!

exclam. Say it! Say what you have lớn say & leave sầu. Hurry up! Spit it out! See also: spitSee also:

Spit it out

People say this when someone has something lớn say but is too embarrassed, shy, etc, to lớn say it.
spirit away spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, the spirit off spirited spiritual spit spit (out) the dummy spit & image of spit và polish spit & sawdust spit at spit at (someone or something) spit blood spit blood/venom/feathers spit chips spit feathers spit in spit in (one's) eye spit in (something) spit in someone's eye spit in the eye of spit in the eye of (someone) spit in the ocean spit in(to) the wind spit into (something) spit it out Spit it out! spit nails spit on spit on (someone or something) spit onto (someone or something) spit out spit the dummy spit up spit-and-sawdust spite spitstiông chồng spitten spitter spitting distance spitting image spitting image, the spitting in the wind spizzerinctum spizzerinktum splash splash (someone, something, or oneself) with (something) splash about splash all over (someone or something) splash around splash down Spiông chồng & span Spinning a line Spinning a yarn Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak Spirit of the law Spit blood Spit it out Spit the dummy Split the blanket Spoil the ship for a ha"pworth of tar Sprat to lớn catch a mackerel Spring khổng lồ mind
- Từ đồng nghĩa, giải pháp dùng từ tương tự Thành ngữ, tục ngữ Spit it out
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