What does skinny legend mean?

Skinny legend is a term of endearment for a celebrity, usually a woman, whose fans consider them to lớn be flawless but underappreciated. It’s also a meme where fans photocửa hàng their idols khổng lồ appear impossibly stick-figure thin.

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The phrase in its primary sense isn’t meant lớn promote eating disorders or physical thinness. However, many people do use it lớn talk about being thin or wanting lớn be.

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The sense of skinny in skinny legkết thúc is much more closely linked khổng lồ the use in skinny love than anything else. Where skinny love is a sickly, unfulfilled love sầu between two people, a skinny legover is a celebrity whose talents are seen as unsung or under-sung.

Skinny legend appeared on Twitter in March, 2009. Around the same time, there was also a Ghanaian rapper going by the name Skinny Legkết thúc. Much of the term’s early use on social truyền thông media was about hyên.

In early 2011, use of skinny legend started to lớn shift more toward describing celebrities who were low-key iconic or not as highly regarded as their fans feel they should be. Legend, here, draws on British English slang for an “exceptional person.”

Now, for the next phase of skinny legend to lớn make sense, you need to lớn know what a stan is. Connected to a 2000 Eminem tuy nhiên, “Srã,” about an obsessed fan, a stan is a super-tín đồ of someone or something. Around the summer of 2015, a subculture of stans for late 1990s/early 2000s pop divas started khổng lồ use skinny legover to praise their favorites.

now this is a skinny legend pic.twitter.com/FAOHVmeLIG

— ming xi (
minxiepop) August 17, 2015

joshpls I’m jk, I stan a skinny legkết thúc

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