bleeder , blighter , crud , crumb , dirtbag , schmuchồng , scuzzball , sleazebag , sleazeball , slimeball , sod , Visit the Thesaurus for More

don"t romanticize that con artist, as she"s nothing more than a scumbag who cheats the most vulnerable
Recent Examples on the Web Pilou Asbæk goes full raging scumbag as the evil Captain Wafner.

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— Jordan Crucchiola, Vulture, 17 Jan. 2021 Mel Tucker saw that 2nd offer from Michigan State offer và hit his agent up lượt thích Mel Tucker (
Coach_mtucker ) is a liar – now an undeniable fact – a hypocrite, và a scumbag. — Joe Nguyen, The Denver Post, 12 Feb. 20đôi mươi This evil scumbag is, if not the best, then at least the most memorable new character this season. — Sydney Bucksbaum,, trăng tròn July 2019 From amazing new BFFs to totally evil scumbags, here are our new favorite Marshmallows.

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— Sydney Bucksbaum,, 20 July 2019 One sports a combination of xanh and neon yellow, & the other is neon purple và neon orange, giving it exactly the same color scheme as Waluigi, the single biggest scumbag in Nintendo’s character lineup. — Jon Porter, The Verge, 17 July 2019 Banhỏ is strangely delightful as a standard-issue scumbag antihero, chewing scenery with aplomb. — Ew Staff,, 14 June 2019 The main exception was Mädchen Amick"s Shelly, who faced a litany of abuse at the hands of her scumbag husbvà Leo (Eric Da Re), và in the new series appears khổng lồ be slipping bachồng inkhổng lồ old patterns. — Emma Dibdin, Marie Claire, 28 July 2017 Your primary advisers make excellent foils to lớn his nervous prodding; each is basically a different flavor of single-minded scumbag. — Steven Strom, Ars Technica, 19 June 2018

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