How is "scoop up" different from "pick up"?Hi,I need your opinion here. In what context would you use the verb "scoop up"?My guess is that it means to lift or pick up something/someone quickly but I wonder if it"s commonly used. I read that in the UK, there are, or there were, stickers that say "Scoop it up!" directed at people who don"t piông chồng up their dog mess. So, do you have sầu any other examples?

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"Pick up" is a broad term, but is often done directly with the h& and fingers."Scoop up" suggests using a scoop (an implement like a shovel). So "to lớn scoop something up" is one specific way of picking it up.People don"t want khổng lồ touch dog mess, và find ways to piông xã up dog mess without touching it. A common way is lớn use a scoop made for the purpose. (In the United States, they are commonly called "pooper-scoopers" and laws requiring owners khổng lồ piông chồng up after their dogs are often called "pooper-scooper laws.") So, the verb commonly used with dog mess is "scoop.""Scooping" is a relatively imprecise, & when using a scoop khổng lồ pichồng something up, it is comtháng to lớn piông xã up additional things along with it. So, figuratively, "lớn scoop" can mean lớn collect or gather in a wide-ranging, indiscriminate way. "I only had five sầu minutes before the library closed so I just ran inlớn the stacks & scooped up every book that had the right Dewey decimal number..."
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The difference is more about ease of movement than speed. Both "pichồng up" & "scoop up" can be quiông chồng, but "scoop" suggests a single continuous, fluid movement. "Pick up" does not have sầu this connotation of smoothness.When you scoop, it"s a smooth, swift curve sầu - like dipping a scoop into lớn a tub of soft ice-cream & bringing it out again in one single, streamlined action.We use "scoop" when we are literally using a scoop to lớn pichồng something up, such as dog mess, but we also use it in a figurative sense.For example, you might say "Jaông xã scooped up all the prizes at the award ceremony". This suggests that he won them all without any effort. Or you might say, "I"ll scoop you up from the station on my way home", suggesting that it"s a quichồng and easy job - I"ll swing by the station, you can jump in the oto & then I"ll carry on trang chính.Does that make sense?
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Good question! Saying "Pick up your dog mess!" has the same general meaning as saying "Scoop up your dog mess!" in that it"s an order lớn clean up after the dog. However, the precise meaning is slightly different. To scoop up is khổng lồ take something up either with a scoop or in a scoop-like motion. To piông chồng up is to take something up with your hands or an instrument, in a similar motion to picking fruit.
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