romance romance (rō-mănsʹ, rōʹmăns) noun1. a. A love affair. b. Ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people, especially that characterized by a high cấp độ of purity và devotion; love: They kept the romance alive sầu in their marriage for 35 years. c. A svào, sometimes short-lived attachment, fascination, or enthusiasm for something: a childhood romance with the sea.2. A mysterious or fascinating chất lượng or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful: "These fine old guns often have sầu a romance clinging to them" (Richard Jeffries). 3. a. A long medieval narrative in prose or verse that tells of the adventures & heroic exploits of chivalric heroes: an Arthurian romance. b. A long, fictitious tale of heroes và extraordinary or mysterious events. c. The class of literature constituted by such tales.4. a. An artistic work, such as a novel, story, or film, that giao dịch with sexual love sầu, especially in an idealized khung. b. The class or style of such works.5. A fictitiously embellished tài khoản or explanation: We have been given speculation & romance instead of the facts. 6. Music. A lyrical, tender, usually sentimental tuy vậy or short instrumental piece. 7. Romance The Romance languages. adjectiveRomance Abbr. Rom. Of, relating lớn, or being any of the languages that developed from Latin, the principal ones being Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian, và Spanish. Other such languages are Catalan, Provençal, Rhaeto-Romanic, Sardinian, and Ladino. verbromanced, romancing, romances (rō-mănsʹ)verb, intransitive1. To invent, write, or tell romances. 2. To think or behave in a lãng mạn manner. verb, transitiveInformal.1. To make love to; court or woo. 2. To have sầu a love sầu affair with. romancʹer noun

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romanceromance(n) amorousness, love sầu, passion, ardor, sex, eroticism, desire, sexual love relationship, love affair, affair, involvement, fling (informal)antonym: friendshipallure, excitement, adventure, nostalgia, feeling, sensation, exoticism, sense of adventure, sense of excitement, sense of history fascination, enthusiasm, passion, love, love sầu affair, involvement, association love story, romantic story, lãng mạn novel, lãng mạn short story, romantic film, weepie (informal), thắm thiết comedy, lãng mạn taleantonym: tragedyadventure story, adventure, tale, yarn (informal), romp (informal), story, narrative fantasy, story, tall tale, fiction, daydream, tissue of lies short piece of music, tuy vậy, piece romance(v) tell stories, fantaform size, romanticize be lãng mạn, act romantically, moon (literary or humorous), swoon, daydream, be in love, gush court (dated), woo (dated or literary), pay court to lớn (dated), put on a pedestal have an affair with, have a love sầu affair with, have sầu a relationship with, step out with (informal), date, have a fling with, be involved with, sleep with (informal)
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