in jazz or popular music, a tune that continues or appears regularly in a piece of music while other parts change or are added:

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(in popular music) a simple tune that is used as a pattern for creating more complicated musical patterns
Isolated keyboard passages and sprechgesang consorted with icy riffs, dark melodies, and oppressive drums.
Many vamp-oriented songwriters begin the creative process by attempting to evoke a mood or feeling while riffing freely on an instrument or scat singing.
The riffs are actually memorable, with insane blastbeat drums and an uncanny sense of timing guiding the songs as they charge through one by one.
The songs are either improvisation or other riffs played over loops that were recorded as part of the performance.
Drum parts are often written to follow the guitar riffs in a way that is unusual for most death metal.
The music tended to be technology-centric, keyboard-ladden, melodic, with funk-oriented bass lines, synth riffs, dub music aesthetics, and background jazzy or blues-y piano layers.
The distinctive music in the album is a speedy fusion of jazz and rock, with lightning-fast guitar riffs intermixed with lyrical acoustical passages.
Instrumentally, the band introduced a more melodic mix than the previous albums, filled with crunchy riffs and speedy guitar solos.
The song is very instrumentally based, with numerous bass and guitar riffs and a long instrumental introduction.

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