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Furthermore, the isotopic composition of each tooth is fixed when that tooth develops and remains unchanged subsequently because dental tissue does not remodel.
Although there might be other measures, such as remodeling a sản phẩm, we vày not take them into lớn tài khoản.
The final destination is striated muscle where the nematodes remodel host muscle cells và settle in the host.
At the northeastern kết thúc of the plaza, another structure was found, where we identified seven different remodeling episodes both inside & outside the structure.
Dentine does not remodel lượt thích bone, so it captures a childhood dietary signal comparable khổng lồ that of enamel.
However, a significant number of melanopsin positive sầu cells survive sầu into advanced stages of retinal degeneration và show indications of remodeling in response lớn pathology.
Thus, chromatin remodeling may provide a basis for lasting effects of bức xúc and their reversal during antidepressant treatment.
It is unclear whether these constructions that include both types of masonry are single-component constructions or products of later remodeling and refurbishing.
Vascular remodeling in pulmonary hypertension leads to lớn functional và structural changes in the pulmonary vasculature.
Once there, these cells proliferate và actively remodel this biological substrate, resulting in accelerated wound repair with less contracture.

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