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relatively few/little Scottish businesses have sầu relatively few problems with skill levels in the workforce compared lớn the rest of Britain.

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relatively cheap/inexpensive sầu Phone calls are relatively cheap, with a set of monthly packages & pay-as you-go services.
relatively large/small Investments that generally go up or down in value in relatively small amounts are considered "low volatility" investments.
used to lớn say that your opinion or description of something is true when it is compared lớn other things of a similar type:
Even relatively strong interactions in the submicromolar range can be lost during centrifugation, a method routinely used in translation studies.
Physician attitudes and concerns were relatively more correlated with their ratings of reluctance to lớn prescribe than with their actual frequency of prescribing.
However, with a relatively small caseload of patients, it is not surprising that a high màn chơi of patient satisfaction has been achieved.
Therefore, the thermodynamic properties of pure hydrogene or helium can be calculated directly with the help of a relatively simple interpolation code.
We also take inkhổng lồ account that firms with lower debt & more capital availability will contribute relatively more to their pensions.
The main cause of this result is that in most years, the standard deviation of monthly rates is relatively small.
Both factors discussed influence the amount of the insurance equivalent withdrawal, which as a whole is relatively high, especially for high entry ages.
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