The Queen's Speech, on Tuesday, will allow the government khổng lồ phối out what laws it wants khổng lồ pass. This could include areas lượt thích planning, the environment and social care.

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The Queen's Speech provides the government with an opportunity khổng lồ highlight its priorities for the months ahead.

It forms part of the State Opening of Parliament ceremony, which marks the start of the parliamentary year.

Normally, the ceremony begins with a procession, in which the Queen travels from Buckingsi Palace to Westminster - usually by carriage.

the Queen will arrive sầu in a Bentley limousinefewer people will attend và they will need a negative sầu Covid kiểm tra & face coveringceremonial elements will be reduced - no military b& or guard of honour khổng lồ greet the Queen, for example
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Before the speech, MPs are summoned to the House of Lords by an official known as Blachồng Rod. Before entering the Commons, Blachồng Rod has the doors shut in their face, symbolising the chamber's independence from the monarchy.

During the speech - read from the throne of the House of Lords - the Queen sets out the laws the government wants Parliament to lớn approve sầu.

It is usually given in the presence of MPs, peers and other dignitaries in the House of Lords. However, only 74 people - including the Queen - will be allowed in the chamber on this occasion, because of Covid restrictions.

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Normally, a Queen's Speech happens once a year - usually in spring or after a general election.

The last one, on 19 December 2019, enabled Boris Johnson khổng lồ phối out his agendomain authority, one week after winning the general election.

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There was a heavy focus on Brexit, as the UK was preparing lớn leave the EU in a few weeks' time.

speeding up the planning process and helping councils meet new house building targetssetting out plans for a post-Brexit asylum systemreiterating the government's longstanding pledge khổng lồ rekhung how adult social care in Englvà is funded

Some legislation started or drafted in the last session but not completed in time is also likely lớn be carried over, including

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