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About Pinky Swear Foundation

Helping kids with cancer cùng their families with financial và emotional tư vấn since 2003. Learn more about our ongoing commitment to lớn lớn the original Pinky Swear promise here.

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Ways To Give

Learn more about how you can help families with a child battling cancer by making a gift today. Your donation will be supporting the vision of ‘saying YES lớn every family when they need help the most – right now.’



Our Programs

Pinky Swear Foundation is committed lớn walking alongside families during their childhood cancer journey, and every journey is different.



Kids Helping Kids

Pinky Swear’s mission is rooted in a 9-year-old boy’s selfless actions to Khủng help other kids battling cancer while on his own cancer journey. Today, we continue khổng lồ phệ empower youth và students of all ages kếch xù honor his generous spirit.



Kids with cancer demonstrate courage, patience & resilience every day.We Smartphone tư vấn them All-Stars.


Although Autumn seems lượt thích your average little girl who loves lớn mập play Roblox và other đoạn video clip games, go swimming, & ride her xe đạp, everyone who follows her story knows she is anything but average – she is also a cancer fighting warrior. There is good news: Autumn is now looking forward to lớn phệ days of a little less fight, và a lot more fun.

“Jackson was a typical three-year-old boy who loved playing outside cùng learning” explained Jackson’s mom as she described what life was once lượt mê thích for her family. “I stayed trang chính with Jackson & his younger brother, Hayden, và cared for another child as well. I was a full-time student through an online school. My husbvà worked as a store manager. We were all very involved within our church.”

Hobbies: Creating art, making music videos, pulling pranks on her family members, và playing with her cats.

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Anja has had anything but an easy journey. After being diagnosed with Ađẹp tươi Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), Anja endured years of chemotherapy, followed by relapse of the cancer, weeks in a coma, cùng hospice care.

“James has been an absolute delight since the day he was born”, his mom expresses. Determined to lớn mập fit in with his older siblings, most of his days are spent following his brother và sister around doing whatever they’re doing.

Taylor, or TayTay, as her sisters lượt thích lớn lao điện thoại cảm ứng hỗ trợ tư vấn her, is a typical 4-year-old girl. She loves to lớn be outdoors, play with her dog và try to lớn mập chính vì everything her big sisters vị. She is extremely social cùng loves meeting new people. She will be quick đẩy đà let you know that anyone she meets is immediately her new friend.

Santiago (nickname Santi) was a typical 3-yr old. He loved mập craông chồng jokes, play Clip clip games with his older brother (specifically Super Mario Bros.), và enjoyed playing at the park.

River cùng his family were busy bodies pre-diagnosis. His parents worked a lot, which left them with few opportunities béo be together with their family. But on January 6, 2017, their busy lives came Khủng a screeching halt when River was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

“Lilli has had a rough first two years of her life.” Before Lilli was even born, her parents had found out via an ultrasound that their baby had Down syndrome & had a hole in her heart.

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