What are piezogenic papules?

Piezogenic papules are comtháng, soft, skin-coloured papules found on the feet và wrists. They result from herniation of fat through the dermis. The name "piezogenic" refers to lớn the origin of the papules being pressure.Bạn vẫn xem: Papule là gì

Who gets piezogenic papules?

People of all ages, sexes & ethnicities are susceptible to lớn piezogenic papules. They are commonly observed in overweight or obese women. They are also associated with underlying connective sầu tissue diseases such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, flat feet, và excessive weight-bearing exercise.

Bạn đang xem: Papule là gì

Piezogenic papules are of unknown cause.

What are the clinical features of piezogenic papules?

Piezogenic papules are mostly asymptomatic & are noticed incidentally. Occasionally they may be painful.

Piezogenic papules


Piezogenic papules


Piezogenic papules


Piezogenic papules

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How is the diagnosis made?

Piezogenic papules are usually diagnosed clinically because of the following features:

Papules resolve when the patient is non-weight bearingPapules can usually be compressedThey mostly occur over the posterior and lateral border of the heelsThey are often bilateral

What is the treatment for piezogenic papules?

No treatment is required in the absence of symptoms.

For painful lesions, conservative sầu management may include:

Restriction of weight-bearing exerciseWeight lossCompression stockingsFoam rubber foot pads, or foam-fitting plastic heel cupsA consultation with a podiatrist may be helpful.

Surgical excision may be helpful if symptoms persist despite above sầu managements but this is rarely necessary.

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