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Từ điển Collocation

panic noun

ADJ. blind, mad, sheer, total | mild, minor | momentary | growing, mounting, rising | sudden | last-minute There was a last-minute panic when notoàn thân could find the tickets. | moral a moral panic over rising crime rates

QUANT. surge, wave I felt a surge of panic when I realized my mistake.

VERB + PANIC feel He felt panic rising within hyên ổn. | get inkhổng lồ, go inlớn She went into a mad panic when she couldn”t find the exit. | cause, create, spread | fill sb with, throw sb into The thought of having khổng lồ be in charge threw hlặng inlớn a mild panic.

PANIC + VERB break out, spread (across/through, etc. sth), sweep over/through sth Panic swept through the crowd. | seize sb | grow, rise | subside | ensue In the ensuing panic, they lost each other.

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PANIC + NOUN attack She still has panic attacks, two years after the accident. | button The shopkeeper pressed the panic button & the police arrived in minutes. | buying, selling Panic buying turned the petrol shortage inkhổng lồ a crisis.

PREPhường. in (a) ~ He jumped out of the car in a panic. People fled in panic. | with ~ Her mind went blank with panic. | ~ about panic about food contamination | ~ aý muốn panic aao ước the population | ~ over The keys were lost during the panic over the fire alarm.

PHRASES a feeling/sense of panic, in a state of panic, a look of panic A look of panic spread across the boy”s face. | a moment of panic, a moment”s panic

Từ điển WordNet



be overcome by a sudden fear

The students panicked when told that final exams were less than a week away

cause sudden fear in or fill with sudden panic

The mere thought of an isolation cell panicked the prisoners

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

金融恐慌金融恐慌Rapid trading of stocks or bonds in high volume in anticipation of sharply rising or falling prices, usually after unexpected news is released.

File Extension Dictionary

UNIX Crash Report

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

panics|panicked|panickingsyn.: alarm awe dread fear fright phobia scare terror

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