paint the town (red)

To go out into a thành phố or town and have an enjoyable time, typically by visiting various establishments, such as bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.

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After our exams finished, we all decided khổng lồ get dressed up và paint the town red. A: "I was thinking I might go to lớn a museum or the library." B: "Wow, you"re really going to lớn paint the town red, huh?"See also: paint, town

paint the town red

Go on a spree, as in Whenever they go lớn Thủ đô New York they want lớn paint the town red. The precise allusion of this term is disputed. Some believe it refers khổng lồ setting something on fire; others point to a vague association of the color red with violence. See also: paint, red, town

paint the town red

If you paint the town red, you go out and enjoy yourself, often drinking alcohol and nhảy. Don"t you & the other sisters ever paint the town red? Preparing yourself lớn paint the town red on a Saturday night just doesn"t have the same buzz without suitable music to get ready lớn. Note: This expression is said khổng lồ have originated in the Wild West. It may have sầu been used khổng lồ describe groups of Native sầu Americans setting fire khổng lồ towns. Another possibility is that it referred to cowboys threatening to lớn `paint the town red" with the blood of anyone who tried khổng lồ stop their drunken behaviour.

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See also: paint, red, town

paint the town red

go out and enjoy yourself flamboyantly. informalSee also: paint, red, town

paint the town ˈred

(informal) go lớn a lot of different bars, clubs, etc. & enjoy yourself: It was the over of term & students decided to lớn go out & paint the town red.See also: paint, red, town

paint the town (red)

tv. lớn go out và celebrate; khổng lồ go on a drinking bout; lớn get drunk. They were out painting the town red last night. See also: paint, red, town

paint the town red

Slang To go on a spree.See also: paint, red, town

paint the town red, to

To indulge in convivial carousing, making the rounds of bars, clubs, & similar places of entertainment. Originating in America in the late nineteenth century, the term appeared in the Boston Journal in 1884: “Whenever there was any excitement or anybody toàn thân got particularly loud, they always said somebody toàn thân was ‘painting the town red.’”See also: paint, townSee also:

paint the town red

have sầu a tiệc ngọt downtown, go out on the town During the carnival they paint the town red - have sầu a great time.

paint the town red|paint|paint the town|red|town

v. phr., slang To go out to lớn drink & have sầu a good time; celebrate wildly; carouse. It was the sailors" first night ashore; they painted the town red. Compare: ON THE TOWN2.
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