the device in a xe taxi that measures the distance or the amount of time spent travelling and shows how much you have sầu lớn pay:

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In a taxi (= oto whose driver you pay khổng lồ take you somewhere), a meter is the device that measures the distance or the amount of time spent traveling and records how much you have sầu to pay.
the rhythm of a poem, produced by the arrangement of syllables according to lớn the number and type of beats in each line
the piece of equipment in a xe taxi that measures the distance travelled or the amount of time spent travelling, and shows how much you have to pay:
to lớn use a meter khổng lồ measure how much gas, electricity, etc. has been used, or how much a taxi ride costs:
There are eleven blood glucose meters available, each with different features khổng lồ compliment the complex needs of individual patients.
The problem with the new công nghệ of electric meters was the incomprehensibility of the mechanism by which it functioned.
The meter was calibrated by temporarily affixing it lớn the flat floor of the tunnel ahead of the wavy wall.
In other words, these meters cannot be parsed straightforwardly as iterations of feet with partially identical properties with respect lớn quantity or branching.
The total volume of water is vast, differing in depth from area to lớn area, from nearly zero khổng lồ 600 feet (185 meters).
Second, this knowledge of performing familiar meters facilitates parsing the metrical structure of unfamiliar metrical sequences by aligning them optimally to lớn a familiar performance pattern.
All of the machinery of the factory is installed in one large room that measures about sixty meters in length by twenty-five sầu meters in width.
We assume that the real construction and maintenance costs per linear meter are the same throughout the island.

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The melted subsurface water, & the injected vaporized water will contribute to a global surface water layer meters or more in depth.
The intensity of the in-cage illumination was 11-28 lux, depending on orientation of the light meter.
The translation of grief into lớn music for which this tradition was known is essential lớn the meter of the poem.
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