a small metal disc, with words or a picture on it, given as a reward for a brave sầu action, for winning a competition, or khổng lồ remember a special event:

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a small metal disk given khổng lồ someone to lớn recognize a brave action or special service, or the winning of a competition esp. in sports:
The minting of " a million millions " of miraculous medals in a few years would surely be itself a miracle.
Their anti-slavery sentiments were articulated through the books & pamphlets, prints & medals, tea sets and cameos which were so effectively produced & marketed by abolitionists.
If a thành viên can produce 12 silver medals, he will be entertained at the expense of the society, & a wreath will be placed around his neck.
Awards and medals for battles and operations which took place during the second world war were examined in detail in 1946.
Once medals are issued you cannot get them baông xã without loss and delay if they are to lớn have sầu their clasps added.
Unlượt thích the first world war, when medals were automatically issued lớn enlisted service men, following world war two, all ranks had to lớn apply.
Although medals are given out, we never hear about the young fellows who have given their all, but have sầu received virtually nothing in compensation.
Such eases must arise in any sự kiện in regard khổng lồ any class of decorations or medals or anything else.
Officers are eligible to receive crosses or equivalent decorations but non-commissioned ranks are eligible only for medals.
Many of them wear three or four medals on their chests in honour of the service that they have given the nation.
There has, however, been little delay in issuing medals once an individual"s entitlement has been confirmed.
The present policy relating khổng lồ the distribution and striking of medals and the protocols for the wearing of medals is well proven.
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Các từ thường xuyên được áp dụng cùng rất medal.

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Boosting women"s sport would increase our medal count và, in the long term, improve our men"s performances.
The ski jumping (normal hill) event was held separate from the main medal sự kiện of ski jumping, results can be found in the table below.





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