"All us editors sincerely pray for his repose, expressing our deepest respect and appreciation for his work," the Japanese company said, adding the family had already held a private funeral.

Bạn đang xem: Kentarou miura

We have sầu lớn announce that Kentaro Miura, the author of “BERSERK”, has passed away on May 6th due lớn axinh tươi aortic dissection. https://t.co/ZipAQTW2Vt

— ベルセルク公式ツイッター (

Berserk featured a journey of revenge by a young warrior travelling through a medieval-inspired world of battles and magic.

The story was renowned for its visual storytelling, combined with some of the most eye-catching and precise art ever seen in manga.

"I was mesmerised by every little thing. The impact it's had on me was one of awe & wonder," the 26-year-old from London tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

image caption"I experienced one of the greachạy thử stories I've sầu ever seen, through any medium," Koroush says

"It was so detailed, hollow & empty lượt thích the Berserk world. It led khổng lồ the dark fantasy setting which was something I hadn't encountered before."

"It combined the mystery và adventure I love sầu from the fantasy world, with a brutal dark edge which made it addictive sầu," he adds.

Xem thêm: Chỉ Số Qol Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Qol, Chất Lượng Sống (Lĩnh Vực Chăm Sóc Sức Khỏe)

As a result of its popularity, it was adapted into an animated series, a book, animated movies as well as a video game, with multiple other games based on it.

"It was a pioneer, influenced countless anime, but the most notable for me was a game called Dark Souls," Koroush says.

"At some point in my life I will pivot to more artistic contributions to the world, & without a doubt, Berserk will be a major inspiration."

And that's a thought shared by many fans. Many have sầu also been gathering online to lớn pay tribute, holding virtual memorials in đoạn phim games.

Here's a better chất lượng recording showing the full line of Dark Knights on Final Fantasy XIV's Balmung hệ thống paying tribute to Miura-san. The turnout is amazing.For those unfamiliar with FFXIV, the Dark Knight job và Guts giới thiệu a lot of similarities. pic.twitter.com/ToMO0LM07X

— Josh (

American publisher Dark Horse Comics tweeted: "Miura-sensei was a master artist & storyteller and we had the great privilege of publishing several of his finest works, including his masterpiece, Berserk."

Koroush adds: "If I could tell hyên anything, it would just be that he's brilliant & thank him for sharing his brilliance with the world.

"How I'll continue lớn thank hyên is by sharing his incredible work with as many people as possible."



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