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Certificate of origin is a generic name, which describes various types of documents used in international trade khổng lồ verify the origins of the goods.It is expected that a certificate of origin should be issued prior to the transport document date.If a certificate of origin issued after the transport document date, such as after bill of lading date, it must be marked with "issued retrospectively" or "issued retroactively" statement.On one of my previous articles, I have explained the meaning of issued retrospectively on a GSPhường Form A certificate of origin.Today I would like khổng lồ point out the meaning of issued retroactively & issued retrospectively on ordinary certificates of origin.

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As certificate of origin may refer lớn a wide range of document types, we need khổng lồ know exactly what types of certificates of origin could be issued retroactively or retrospectively.
The answer of this question is very simple. All types of certificates of origin could be issued retroactively or retrospectively such as;
Ordinary Certificate of Origin (CO)Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) Form A,EUR1Commonwealth Preference Certificate (CPC)NAFTA Certificate of OriginComtháng Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) Form D,Certificate of Processing (CP)ATR Movement Certificate
Under which circumstances an issued retroactively or issued retrospectively statement should be attached on to a certificate of origin?

Certificate of origin should be marked with issued retroactively or issued retrospectively statement on the following conditions:Certificate of origin should be modified after shipment of goods: In rare situations content of the certificate of origin should be modified after shipment. Let us assume that importer may not be paying for the goods under cash against documents payment. In such circumstances exporter has two options: either he brings baông xã the goods or else he finds another buyer at the destination country. If exporter manages to find another buyer, then he has khổng lồ modify shipping documents accordingly. Consignee field of the certificate of origin should be corrected just lượt thích other documents.

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Are there any differences between issued retroactively or issued retrospectively statements? Definition of retroactive: Extending in scope or effect lớn a prior time or to lớn conditions that existed or originated in the past; especially : made effective sầu as of a date prior lớn enactment, promulgation, or imposition.Definition of retrospective: Effective sầu from a particular date in the past.As can be seen on the above explanations both terms have sầu very similar meanings và they can be used interchangeably.
Case Scenario:
Letter of credit is issued with the following wording. "Certificate of origin must be mark issued retrospectively if issued after bill of lading date." Although issued retroactively & issued retrospectively have sầu similar meanings, exporters should be inserting exact phares stated in the letter of credit, as some banks may raise discrepancies because of change in wording.

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