If a reason, idea, opinion, etc. is inconsistent, different parts of it do not agree, or it does not agree with something else:

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(of an argument or opinion) containing elements that are opposed and bởi vì not match, so that it is difficult to imagine how both can be true:
The discussion of these problems either seems to accept inconsistent results at face value, or favours radiocarbon ages over other information.
They suggested that the timing of the assessments, co-occurring risk factors, và maternal behavior may have accounted for inconsistent findings.
In the time pressured world of designing, even partial và inconsistent designs find value as launching points into lớn unexplored parts of the space.
As a consequence, the search procedure backtracks khổng lồ the previous tìm kiếm state và thus removes the inconsistent constraint.
After all the cases have been conver ted using linguistic terms, some inconsistent cases can be removed.
The systems can suggest minimal phối of inconsistent constraints that result in that all constraints cannot be satisfied simultaneously.!
A màn chơi 4 explanation was one in which the participant distorted the story lớn make sense with the contextually inconsistent meaning of the key word.

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Both of these results are inconsistent with the large-to-small view of metaphonological development which singles out vocabulary development as the catalyst of change.
The training data is first pre-processed, inconsistent data pairs are removed and a smoothing algorithm is applied.
Previously, the uniformity of the sintered sur face, which affects uniformity of ion emission, was poor and inconsistent.
They each have sầu their own mặc định interpretations; it is only in the presence of modifiers inconsistent with the default interpretations that alternative readings arise.





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