hunker down

1. Literally, khổng lồ squat. The magician hunkered down lớn the eye level of the children.2. To seek refuge in a particular place or area. We hunkered down at home page with some movies while the blizzard raged all weekkết thúc.3. To work or begin khổng lồ work on something in a determined matter. I can"t believe sầu I didn"t get an A on my project after I"d hunkered down all weekend khổng lồ do it!4. To stubbornly maintain some belief. It seems he"s hunkered down và will never see me as anything but the villain in his life.See also: down, hunker

hunker down (on something)

Fig. khổng lồ squat down on one"s heels, a stool, a stone, etc. Jeff hunkered down on the pavement và watched the world go by. He hunkered down to take a rest.See also: down, hunker

hunker down


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1. To sit on the heels with the knees bent forward; squat: My personal trainer hunkered down to lớn help me with the barbells.2. To take shelter or refuge: The campers hunkered down in the cabin during the blizzard.

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3. To hold stubbornly khổng lồ some position: The candidates hunkered down và refused khổng lồ admit their mistakes.4. To apply oneself & start working seriously at something: You need lớn hunker down & study if you"re going lớn pass that test.See also: down, hunkerSee also:

hunker down

get ready lớn lift or work, prepare to lớn make an effort To achieve our sales goals, we all have lớn hunker down.
hundo hundred hung hung like a bull hung lượt thích a horse hung out to dry, lớn be hung over hung up hungarian hunger hunger after hunger after (something) hunger for hunger for (something) hunger is a good sauce hunger is the best sauce hunger is the best spice hungry hungry as a bear hungry for hungry for (something) hunk hunk of ass hunk of tail hunker hunker down hunker down to lớn hunker down lớn (something) hunker-slider hunker-sliding hunks hunky hunky-dory hunt hunt after hunt after (someone or something) hunt down hunt for hunt for (someone or something) hunt high và low hunt high & low (for someone or something) hunt out hunt through hunt through (something) (for something) hunt up hunt where the ducks are hunter hunting hurdle hurl hurl (someone or something) at (someone or something) huh humdinger humongous hundred/thousand/million & one hundred to one shot/chance hungover hungry thirties hunk hunker down hurl hurry up hurt my feelings hush-hush hush up hushed up hyah hyped-up
- Từ đồng nghĩa, phương pháp cần sử dụng từ tương tự Thành ngữ, tục ngữ hunker down
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