small, loose pieces of wool or other soft material, or the down (= soft new hairs) on a young animal:

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All the time I was acting with hlặng, I never once heard hyên fluff his lines (= say something wrong when acting).
The male"s courtship display involves fluffing out his breast feathers và running after the female; the species has no known aerial display.
A gas fluidized bed is a container filled with a powder or granular substance that is "fluffed up" by blowing gas upwardly through it.
In the downstairs hall, people could make their mattresses, stuffing them with cotton after the cốt tông had been properly fluffed.
When feather fluffing, they contract their muscles to lớn raise their feathers to lớn increase the air space next lớn their skin.
The flank & ventral feathers are not always fluffed out, & the intensity of the display probably depends on the relationship of the two birds.
The fluffs records were unusual in that each contained some egregious errorusually in the lyricsby the performer.
Similarly, it is also reported that the parent birds brooded by perching on the branch above the nest & fluffing their breast feathers out to lớn cover it.
Often, dry chemical & dry powder types are hit on the bottom with a rubber mallet lớn make sure the powder is free-flowing, which is called fluffing the powder.
Most members of the public associate puppy farming with the little bundle of fluff that they see in a pet siêu thị window.

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