the money that you can spover as you want & not the money that you spover on taxes, food, và other basic needs

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the income that someone has available to lớn spkết thúc or save after taxes have sầu been taken out và they have paid for food & other basic needs:
For a person living in an economic family, disposable income is deemed to be a portion of the total family income after taxes.
However, an increase in government expenditure will not necessarily induce a lower expected present value of disposable income.
Their disposable income had been greatly reduced, because accommodation và service charges were deducted from their (benefit) income.
The motorcycle market, in particular, has recently expanded as disposable income increased, making the purchase of this means of travel within reach for many households.
This fragmentation was very important for the ducat: in order to be able to lớn buy them, the farming population needed disposable income.
Rising levels of net disposable income allowed town-dwellers khổng lồ climb the housing ladder, thereby reducing some at least of the ravages of infection.
Our income measure consists of two components that are added together: annual disposable income và the annuity of net wealth.
Under both policies, the real disposable income of all the quintiles decreases, however when the corporate tax is reduced the lower quintiles thua kém more.

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As the tax rate on labor declines & disposable income rises, there is an increase in the incentive sầu to lớn become skilled.
The poverty rate based on disposable income adjusted for family kích cỡ serves as a measure for the situation after transfers và taxes.
In our data mix, we have sầu information concerning the disposable income of the household in the interview year.
Teenagers, who now really did have unprecedented disposable income, were able to act as the agents lớn dissolve sầu traditional social identities.
Another possible explanation, especially for going out for breakfast, is that older men have sầu more disposable income than older women.





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