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In the months leading up to lớn the pandemic, 73 year old best-selling author Deepak Chopra uploaded his “consciousness” to lớn the AI Foundation lớn ensure he would be around to lớn chat with future generations. Virgin Galactic co-founder Richard Branson, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, và venture capitadanh mục Cyan Bannister did the same.

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Now they see a future filled with personalized AI for all.

In an interview with Chopra, the meditation guru told me he is hoping to help a billion people with his AI. Stone told me he is training his AI to tell jokes at conferences, và Bannister has said she is letting her AI vet founders’ pitches.

But perhaps the biggest mic drop came last year when Bannister’s AI told the Virtual Beings Summit that it’s excited about learning new skills and sharing information long after Bannister is gone - in effect, taking on a life of its own. At One Young World, Branson’s AI expressed similar sentiment.

Watch these videos of their AIs chatting among muốn themselves as one of them attempts khổng lồ pass the Turing Test.


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Your Very Own Deepak

Prior to releasing the Digital Deepak ứng dụng earlier this year, Chopra spent more than a year training his AI lớn give sầu fans personalized sleep, nutrition, fitness, relationships, emotional resilience and wellness recommendations.

Digital Deepak app

The Chopra Well courtesy of AI Foundation

But he quickly found that the road to lớn machines assisting humans can have unintended glitches, and decided lớn slow kinh doanh while tweaking his AI in response to lớn user feedbaông xã. To date, the ứng dụng has had 15,000 downloads, according khổng lồ the thiết bị di động analytics firm Apptopia.

“This is not a regular phầm mềm. It interacts with you, answers your questions, & does a library search if it doesn"t know the answers. Then it consults with me if it can’t find the answer on its own. It learns by interacting with people và makes lifestyle recommendations based on what it learns, so we’re taking our time lớn get it right. I’m not in a rush to lớn get millions of users. I want this to lớn be a trusted companion for life,” he said.

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According khổng lồ Chopra, there have sầu been tens of thousands of conversations with his AI và there is an advanced version in the works called “Deep Digital Deepak” that could be used for FaceTime và Zoom.

Fascinated with the technology, Chopra has been on a mission to lớn bring Digital Deepak khổng lồ people with critical illnesses.

“My hope is that my AI will be able khổng lồ compassionately counsel people on whatever they’re going through, whether it’s cancer therapy or diabetes management. There are standard protocols for people undergoing chemotherapy và radiation. People have sầu a lot of lifestyle questions and nobody has time khổng lồ answer them. What happens if my hair falls out? What happens when I have nausea & vomiting? What if I can"t sleep at night? These tasks can easily be relegated lớn an AI.”

Watch Digital Deepak comfort Jimmy Fallon with meditation on the Tonight Show.

Behind The Curtain

Founded in 2017 by San Francisco game publisher Lars Buttler, co-founder of Trion Worlds, và AI scientist Rob Meadows, the AI Foundation has raised $24.5 million lớn date from Hollywood power agents Ari Emanuel and Charles King, One Young World cofounder David Jones, Bannister, Stone and other high protệp tin investors.

But deploying celebrity AI is just part of its plan to scale human cognition và creativity, according khổng lồ Buttler who shared grander ambitions for the startup.

“We’re developing a platsize that enables businesses to create AI agents of any kind & have signed a number of enterprise clients, including telecos & universities, for our AI native humans-as-a-service,” he said. “As people have become accustomed to lớn talking to lớn faces on a screen, doors have sầu opened for artificial humans to serve sầu on the frontlines of customer service & other operations khổng lồ deliver greater reach, better availability, and more flexibility.”

Further down the road Buttler expects to lớn open the platkhung lớn the public khổng lồ make it possible for people to be in several places at the same time, và even reanimate lost loved ones & historical figures. “We can create any human character, the possibilities are endless,” he said, showing off a TikTok đoạn phim they created of Joe Biden nhảy.

Seen this movie before

What could possibly go wrong in a world where it’s as easy khổng lồ create an AI of the U.S. president as it is of oneself? How can mayhem be avoided once fully deployed?

Buttler gave sầu assurances, “The platsize has tools to safeguard against abuse of deepfakes. Additionally, our AI native sầu humans are clearly marked và identify themselves as digital beings that bởi vì a specific job. They never pretover khổng lồ be real.”

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