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Various Identification Codes ...

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GNIS Codes ...

The U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN) was created to lớn address the problems caused by spelling và naming variations. The BGN will usually recognize an existing name or, when necessary, establish a name for a geographic feature (such as a mountain, lake, river, stream, thành phố, town, village, dam, bridge, etc).

The BGN names are kept in a database called the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) & it is the official Federal repository. The GNIS is operated và maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

A chất lượng & permanent numeric identifier has been assigned for each name in the GNIS database. These names và identifiers are definitive and it is intended that they are to be used by all departments of the Federal Government:

GNIS ID for Cumback: 433242

GNIS ID for Davies"s County: 450343

GNIS ID for Indiana: 448508

FIPS Codes ...

In a past effort, various federal agencies created a set of codes with a purpose similar lớn the GNIS codes. These codes are called the Federal Information Processing Standard (or the FIPS 55 codes). Although they are still used by some organizations, the FIPS codes are obsolete & will ultimately be replaced by the GNIS codes.

The following FIPS codes apply to Cumback:

Place (Community) Code:
State Code: 18 (Indiana)
County Code: 027 (Davies"s County)

Since the Place và County FIPS codes are not unique và can be repeated in other States, it"s necessary lớn combine the State code with the Place và County FIPS codes lớn uniquely identify them - for example:

State/Place Code: 18/16325
State/County Code: 18/027

As already mentioned, the FIPS codes are to lớn be replaced by the GNIS codes. The following reflect those changes:

FIPS Code translates to GNIS Code
State of Indiana: 18 448508
Davies"s County: 18/027 450343
Cumback: 18/16325 433242

GPS Location - GNIS Coordinates ...

An important aspect of the GNIS code is that it assigns a GPS location (the latitude/longitude) to the geographic feature. This location is simply a point on the maps & does not represent the kích cỡ or shape of the feature. In the case of Cumbachồng, it is a point within Cumback that might be a post office, the đô thị hall or simply an intersection - the point should really be considered arbitrary and only indicating a general location.

For Cumback, the GNIS GPS location is given as:

Lat: 38° 33" 31" (or 38.56°)

Lon: -87° 8" 51" (or -87.15°)

Regional Codes ...

For statistical purposes, the US Census Bureau has divided the country into lớn four Regions. Cumback is located in Region #2 (the Midwest Region).

The Office of Management & Budget (OMB) has created ten Federal Regions. Cumback is located in Region V (Region 5).

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has created ten Management Regions. Cumbaông chồng is located in Region V (Region 5).

Referenced GNIS Records ...

GNIS ID #433242 (Name of Record: Cumback)

Class: populated place

A place or area having clustered or scattered buildings và a permanent population (such as a đô thị, settlement, town or village). The boundaries may or may not coincide with the perceived population.

A "populated place" record may have a corresponding "census" or "civil" record. The information contained in the "populated place" record applies only to the class và should not be confused with either the "census" & "civil" classes.

County: Daviess

Map Name: Sandy Hook

Lat: 38.5586606 Lon: -87.1475092

Elev: 144 ft.

Referenced FIPS Records ...

FIPS Code: 18/16325 (Place Name: Cumback)

County: Daviess (FIPS State/County: 18/027)

Class: U6

Identifies a populated place (ie- Cumback) that is wholly or substantially located outside the boundaries of any incorporated place or CDP (Census Designated Place) that has an authoritative common name recognized by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

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Off-the-Road Links ...

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