crown crown (kroun) nounAbbr. cr.1. An ornamental circlet or head covering, often made of precious metal phối with jewels và worn as a symbol of sovereignty. 2. Often Crown (kroun) a. The power, position, or empire of a monarch or of a state governed by constitutional monarchy. b. The monarch as head of state.3. A distinction or reward for achievement, especially a title signifying championship in a sport. 4. Something resembling a diadem in shape. 5. a. A coin stamped with a crown or crowned head on one side. b. A silver coin formerly used in Great Britain and worth five sầu shillings. c. Any one of several coins, such as the koruna, the kromãng cầu, or the krone, having a name that means "crown." d. A basic unit of currency in Czech Republic, Denmark, Icelvà, Norway, & Sweden.6. a. The top or highest part of the head. b. The head itself.7. The top or upper part of a hat. 8. The highest point or summit. 9. The highest, primary, or most valuable part, attribute, or state: considered the rare Turkish stamp the crown of their collection. 10. Dentistry. a. The part of a tooth that is covered by enamel và projects beyond the gum line. b. An artificial substitute for the natural crown of a tooth.11. Nautical. The lowest part of an anchor, where the arms are joined lớn the shank. 12. Botany. a. The upper part of a tree, which includes the branches and leaves. b. The part of a plant, usually at ground cấp độ, where the stem và roots merge. c. The persistent, mostly underground base of a perennial herb. d. See coromãng cầu.13. The crest of an animal, especially of a bird. 14. The portion of a cut gem above sầu the girdle. verbcrowned, crowning, crownsverb, transitive1. To put a crown or garl& on the head of. 2. To invest with regal power; enthrone. 3. To confer honor, dignity, or reward upon. 4. To surmount or be the highest part of. 5. To form the crown, top, or chief ornament of. 6. To bring to completion or successful conclusion; consummate: crowned the event with a lavish reception. 7. Dentistry. To put a crown on (a tooth). 8. Games. To make (a piece in checkers that has reached the last row) into a king by placing another piece upon it. 9. Informal. To hit on the head. verb, intransitiveTo reach a stage in labor when a large segment of the fetal scalp is visible at the vaginal orifice. Used of a fetus or the head of a fetus.

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crowncrown(n) circlet, tiara, coronet, diadem trophy, prize, garl&, honor, award, laurels top, peak, summit, pinnacle, head, crest, brow crown(v) cap, top, round off, complete, finish off, put the finishing touch to
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