court court (kôrt, kōrt) nounAbbr. C., ct.1. a. An extent of open ground partially or completely enclosed by walls or buildings; a courtyard. b. A short street, especially a wide alley walled by buildings on three sides. c. A large open section of a building, often with a glass roof or skylight. d. A large building, such as a mansion, standing in a courtyard.2. a. The place of residence of a sovereign or dignitary; a royal mansion or palace. b. The retinue of a sovereign, including the royal family và personal servants, advisers, and ministers. c. A sovereign"s governing body toàn thân, including the council of ministers và state advisers. d. A formal meeting or reception presided over by a sovereign.3. Law. a. A person or body of persons whose task is khổng lồ hear và submit a decision on cases at law. b. The building, hall, or room in which such cases are heard và determined. c. The regular session of a judicial assembly. d. A similar authorized tribunal having military or ecclesiastical jurisdiction.4. Sports. An open, cấp độ area marked with appropriate lines, upon which a game, such as tennis, handball, or basketball, is played. 5. The body of directors of an organization, especially of a corporation. 6. A legislative assembly. noun, attributive.Often used to lớn modify another noun: a court jester; court records. verbcourted, courting, courtsverb, transitive1. a. To attempt lớn gain; seek: courting wealth and fame. b. To behave so as lớn invite or incur: courts disaster by taking drugs.2. To try lớn gain the love or affections of, especially lớn seek lớn marry. 3. To attempt khổng lồ gain the favor of by attention or flattery: a salesperson courting a potential customer. verb, intransitiveTo pursue a courtship; woo. court to1. To flatter with solicitous overtures in an attempt to obtain something or clear away antagonism. 2. To seek someone"s love; woo.

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courtcourt(n) law court, court of law, high court, crown court, magistrate"s court, Federal Court, Supreme Court courtyard, square, yard, quad, patio, piazza, close, enclosure court(v) date, go out, see, pay court khổng lồ (dated) woo, cozy up, curry favor with, pander khổng lồ, flatter, ingratiate, curry favour withantonym: shunrisk, invite, encourage, incite, attract, ask for, temptantonym: shun
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