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Học các từ bạn phải giao tiếp một giải pháp tự tin.

the state of feeling better after feeling sad or worried, or something that makes you feel better in this way:
It"s some comfort to his wife (= it makes her feel less sad) khổng lồ know that he died instantly and didn"t suffer.
I"ve got to lớn take an exam too, if it"s any comfort (= if it makes you feel better to know that we nói qua the same problem or bad luck).
I know she goes out a lot at night, but I draw/take comfort from the fact that she"s always with friends.

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She"s always liked her creature comforts (= the type of pleasure found in the house, for example warmth, food, etc.).
the pleasant & satisfying feeling of being physically or mentally không tính tiền from pain & suffering, or something that provides this feeling:
Such a person is excluded from all social relationships, and can get none of the comforts that make life pleasurable. 11.
Merchants may receive many comforts, but tend to be very guarded in their friendships, và not prone to lớn laughter or gaiety.
She knew that he had found faith difficult, but was comforted that he had taken this first step towards it.
Trusting in the legal system"s remedies as shown on screen is comforting but involves a misplacing of trust.
Here we are given a critique of the comforting view of localised communities as stewardships of specific bio-information.
The importance people attributed khổng lồ the humanizing and comforting approach of people involved in their treatment either directly or indirectly emerged from the text.
Teachers might be encouraged khổng lồ persist in comforting & engaging in positive sầu constructive sầu activity with children who initially avoid them.
Moreover, it records that kings both listened khổng lồ the advice of nuns, và saw lớn their material comforts.
The child is introduced to lớn pain in the contexts of burning its finger or comforting the dog injured in an accident.
The relations of children"s emotion regulation to their vicarious emotional responses và comforting behaviors.
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Các tự hay được sử dụng với comfort.

The study amongst people who had a stated preference for the comforts of home care illustrated the pressure for carers.
Palliative sầu measures: in selected patients, a series of measures aimed at offering a certain degree of comfort or facilitating the management of incontinence may be used.
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