a large saw with a motor and teeth-lượt thích parts fitted onto a continuous chain, used especially for cutting trees

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By the mid-1950s, chainsaws were in use for felling và cutting trees & skidder tractors with caterpillartype tracks employed in road-making & for hauling logs.
Information on the number of injuries caused by persons coming into lớn liên hệ with a chainsaw is in table 1.
Vegetation has been removed with chainsaws; and specially adapted rolling stochồng, with mounted flails, has been used lớn cut through huge swathes of lvà.
However, we have sầu some particular problems with this piece of legislation, & in particular with chainsaws and the lượt thích.
Once again, the first that people knew about the work was when they heard the chainsaws và saw the trees coming down.
Its industrial warp knits are used in hose reinforcement in high-temperature & high-pressure hose manufacture & in protective garments for chainsaw users.
The amendment would regulate, for the first time, emissions from small, off-road petrol engines, such as those used in lawnmowers, chainsaws etc, by means of two stages of emissions limits.
There must also be a much fuller information paông xã to lớn go khổng lồ garages và so forth; nor must we forget the problems of garden machinery, outboard motors & chainsaws.
Act 1974 requires that employers must ensure that anyone who uses chainsaws or other dangerous machinery, including students in an educational establishment, should first receive sầu appropriate training and instruction.

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