a grey powder that is mixed with water & svà lớn make mortar or with water, s&, & small stones lớn make concrete:

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a gray powder that is mixed with water, svà, và other substances, becomes very hard when dry, & is used in making concrete
Religion is still defined as " any pursuit which dominates the life of many men và cements them together in comtháng dedication to lớn an aim" (159).
Located along the edges of the pyramid were ten more qualities (honesty, sincerity, integrity, faith, patience, etc.) cementing the entire structure in place.
Meanwhile, they cemented his spiritual intimacy with his more intellectually and spiritually inclined father.
In addition lớn grains of different composition, sandstones also contain mineral cements and grain coatings.
Fiscal resize was a critical component of this, as it contributed both to lớn redressing distortionary state interventions và to lớn cementing fragile macroeconomic stabilisation plans.
Medium-grained sandstones (protoquartzite) contain quite well-rounded quartz grains, quartzite lithoclasts, muscovite, plagioclase (rare) and bioclasts, especially echinoderm plates, cemented by calcite spar.
What follows is a succession of medium-grey mudstones, which are also shelly and locally silty, interbedded with thin cemented horizons & organicrich layers.
The present day petrography of this formation shows a medium-grained and well-sorted quartzite with syntaxial quartz cements and virtually zero porosity.
Such anomalously low values can be attributed lớn overprinting by isotopically light cements precipitated during diagenesis of the organic-rich intervals.
Through gift-giving, women are cementing exchange relations with their natal kin as security against extreme adversity.
The very pre-eminence of the crown, in fact, cemented the fundamental coincidence of interests between oligarchs và monarchs.
In the 1950s và 1960s, a number of laboratory studies cemented the view that social influence has nefarious consequences on otherwise rational individuals.
Alternatively, surface stereom could have been filled with syntaxial cements và then etched out during weathering.
As the storm swell dissipated, the continued application of layer-parallel shear stresses macerated any stratigraphy not already cemented khổng lồ form the platy, intraclastic matrix.
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Cement bloông chồng partitions in conveniences which, khổng lồ specification, should have been nine inches, were put in at 14 inches, and had to lớn be pulled down & replaced.
Good progress has been made with the preliminary work, và a cement factory is about lớn come into operation.
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to press something, especially a mixture for making bread, firmly and repeatedly with the hands và fingers

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