Io is a chất lượng nhân vật that provides boosts to its allies by linking to them. While relatively powerless alone, Io”s powers amplify with the right heroes. It regenerates allies through

Tether, and buffs their health regen & attaông xã speed with


Overcharge. But most importantly, Io can

Relocate an ally khổng lồ any point on the maps, setting up perfect ganks or saving them from certain death.

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ConsNot thành phầm dependent.Global mobility.Strengthens ally”s durability và attaông chồng tốc độ.Low mamãng cầu costs.Dies easily.Requires precise coordination with teammates.Vulnerable without a partner.


Io excels at healing and buffing allies with Tether và Overcharge. Therefore, Io should acquire healing items lượt thích


Bottle or

Urn of Shadows lớn come online quickly. Throughout the game, look out for lone targets to lớn initiate with Relocate ganks, using Spirits lớn help bring them down. In the mid và late game, Io should spover most of its time staying with a carry to enhance their capabilities or save them from death. In the late game, with talent that orders Io lớn attaông chồng tethered ally”s target, Io can build items like


Desolator to increase damage output against enemy heroes and buildings.

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Ability Builds

Support Io


Hero Talents25





Tethered Ally”s Target

+700 Health

Relocate Cooldown


Spirits Hero Damage

10% Spell Lifesteal+325

Spirits Max Range

+35 Damage+4 Health Regen


Tips & Tactics


Io works best with a partner with whom you tóm tắt communication.Io is extremely weak và cannot vày much alone. Its utility comes entirely from boosting teammates.Usually, Io should sacrifice its life khổng lồ save sầu another teammate.As a general rule, Io works best with a carry who has mobility and health and/or mamãng cầu regeneration issues; see the Counter page for some suggested Io buddies.Tether heals allies for more than the healing done lớn Io itself. Thus, Io should buy items lượt thích


Tango or


Enchanted Mango in the laning phase &

Urn of Shadows or

Arcane Boots later on lớn take advantage of Tether healing.Alternatively, teaming up with allied heroes who have healing abilities to amplify their effects with Tether.In the early game, tell your lane partners lớn use healing items và abilities on Io to gain more with Tether.Io does not have sầu to turn khổng lồ attack, move, or target items & abilities.Early on, Tether và Overcharge provide enough sustain & buffs for Io và partner khổng lồ dominate their lane. Thus, play with aggression và look to collect kills.


TetherUse Tether lớn buff target ally with Overcharge or khổng lồ use Relocate with them.Use Tether on allied heroes lớn get khổng lồ their side with great tốc độ, as it latches from a considerable distance.Tether to an ally, then use healing items on Io to lớn gain more benefit for that ally, capable of regenerating both health and mamãng cầu.Though Tether lasts forever, it still has a cooldown, so Io cannot keep breaking & forming Tether.Tether sets Io”s movement speed equal khổng lồ the target”s, including any bonuses to lớn movement speed.Io does not get slowed if its tethered target is slowed. However, Io willl be slowed if the enemies apply the slow directly lớn Io.Exercise caution when latching khổng lồ target with Tether from long distance to save them with heal và Overcharge; if the enemies have enough damage and disables, they can overpower both of you và collect two kills instead of one.When escaping with tethered ally, Io may choose khổng lồ break the Tether và lure the enemies away from the ally, then it can use Tether on the target again, taking advantage of the ability”s long cast range and high pull speed.Io cannot màn chơi up Tether when it is using the ability.Tether”s link becomes jittering at long enough distance, indicating that it will soon break if Io keeps moving farther away from the target.

SpiritsDuring the early game, use Spirits to lớn harass & keep enemies away from the creep waves.Use Spirits over trees when pushing lớn detect enemy defenders hiding inside.Use Spirits to stachồng & farm multiple jungle camps at a time, boosting gold income of Io và its team.At higher levels, Spirits has longer duration than cooldown.Try lớn time fights and Relocate ganks as the abilitiy is coming off cooldown, giving Io two sets of Spirits to boost damage output và disable.Spirits bởi not explode when colliding with creeps, but still giảm giá minor damage, making it a decent farming ability.Spirits explode và khuyến mãi burst damage when they expire; with timing, Io can keep clearing creep waves and neutral camps.Io cannot màn chơi up Spirits when it is using the ability.Upon cast, Spirits move sầu khổng lồ max distance away from Io.Spirits Movement allow Io to move Spirits closer to it or farther away.

RelocateUse Relocate anywhere on the bản đồ with a tethered ally to gank enemies.To save sầu an ally away from the enemies, target Relocate at a safe spot, e.g. trang chủ fountain or next khổng lồ other allies, then use Tether on target.Relocate saves usually result in Io”s death when it returns to the original location.However, Io can break Tether before that happens lớn not bring back the ally.You can use Relocate from a safe spot, then bring baông chồng an injured ally upon returning. Though, the 12 second discrepancy between Relocations does not always make this tactic viable.Use Relocate khổng lồ reach a distant ward spot; enemies should have a hard time figure out where you plant wards as you hopefully have not crossed their vision.

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