the chất lượng of being pleasing, especially khổng lồ look at, or someone or something that gives great pleasure, especially when you look at it:
She said that people are now spending money on beauty & wellness because they realise it is good for them.

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They are also looking to invest in beauty brands inspired by Ayurvedomain authority - the traditional Indian system of medicine.

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an attractive chất lượng that gives pleasure to those who experience it or think about it, or a person who has this attractive sầu quality:
I have sầu deliberately translated " leggiadrie" as " beauties" rather than using terms such as " graces" or " ornaments" which today are often equated with the idea of embellishment.
Think of those androgynous beauties, think of the hairy chests, think of the well-muscled, increasingly ostentatious monsters.
He said that this business of interfering with the beauties of the countryside by means of the overhead lines was kept lớn an irreducible minimum.
Amuốn the greatest assets of this country are its amenities, its beauties—the beauties of its scenery, of its buildings, và of its sites.
The preservation of the beauties of this country are an obligation on every section of the community, whatever their specific interests may be.
The fourth threat consists in general injury to riverside landscapes, to lớn which the beauties of this country owe so much.
There are great natural beauties, & everytoàn thân, of course, has a great patriotism about his particular part of the country.
I am in favour of anything that will encourage people to lớn go to lớn the country & enjoy it sensibly & respect its rights & beauties.
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Các từ bỏ thường xuyên được thực hiện cùng với beauty.

The cultures were never used for a beauty hàng hóa but were simply ground up và resold to further investors as activators.
Again through the tactic of distinction, the cartoon clearly demonstrates a preference for traditional ideologies of female beauty.
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